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That Time I Ranted About Children on Social Media

I currently work as a content moderator for a social media platform.* In short, my job is to remove content (and users) that violates our terms of service. It is incredibly draining work. I may not technically be working as a social worker, but lemme tell you: I’m so glad that I have this MSW….

What Happens When Summer’s Not So Hot?

So Samantha Gross of recently wrote a story about the budget crisis leading to major cuts in summer programming for youth in NYC. The DC Alliance of Youth Advocates also discussed how Washington, DC is suffering the same fate. The basic issue: communities have no money to provide parents with activities for their children during the…

BONUS POST: Legendary – Rest In Power Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron passed into the heavens today. As with so many other “reports” of celebrity deaths on Twitter, I refused to believe it at first. Then NPR posted this:  And so it is. I’ll admit: I know little of GSH, except that he taught us The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, but they’ll tell us…