That Time I Ranted About Children on Social Media

2 young black girls walking a boardwalk while holding hands

“So then I said, ‘First of all, I’m 9…'”

I currently work as a content moderator for a social media platform.* In short, my job is to remove content (and users) that violates our terms of service. It is incredibly draining work. I may not technically be working as a social worker, but lemme tell you: I’m so glad that I have this MSW. And also one helluva spidey sense.

Last night, I saw this tragic story about 10-year-old Ashawnty Davis, who decided that she would be better off dead than continue to be tormented after a video of her fighting with her bully surfaced. Ten years old. The video was posted by her classmate, presumably another 10 year old. I got in my feels and decided to say some things.

*My employer isn’t exactly a secret but the opinions expressed here (or anywhere) are mine and do not serve as any sort of representation of my employer. I hate that I have to say that but I’ve been around the block enough times to know that people are ridiculous.

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