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To Dare! To Imagine! To Do It!

ICYMI, I’m making a major career shift.

While much of this is due to the difficulties I’ve faced finding a job as a disabled clinical social worker, the rest of it is for several other, personal reasons. I still love social work and I am very much planning to put all these years of education and experience to good use. But now I want to shift focus. This may mean macro social work, it may mean leaving social work altogether. You can take the social worker out of the field but once a social worker, always a social worker! Best believe I will find ways to apply what I know to this next step in life.

So what next? Well, that’s a great question! I’m still enrolled in my PhD program but before I started that, I engaged in a quite bit of social media for play and for pay. Heck, I first learned HTML on BlackPlanet dot com in 1999 (back when your skill level was determined by whether you could assault page visitors with autoplay music, blinding background patterns, and text that blinked AND scrolled #AtTheSameDamnTime). Sure, I was “late” to Twitter, having joined in May 2009, but I still ended up running multiple accounts pretty soon afterward and eventually even created a social media plan for a DC nonprofit.

I left my professional social media work behind when graduate school intensified but even throughout grad school, I’ve always seemed to incorporate social media into whatever I do. I love this stuff and I look forward to jumping back in.

How am I making this shift?

To Dare! To Imagine! To Do It!

Mama J put these stones in a gorgeous succulent arrangement she made for me!

1) I’ve been (re)wetting my feet in professional social media as a Temporary Content Moderator for Flipagram the past few months.

2) I’m working towards becoming an AMA Professional Certified Marketer in Digital Marketing through (Yay for free access via school!)

3) I hopped back on Facebook last year to re-establish a firm presence before launching my dissertation research. I’m now also running my own group for tarot readers of color!

4) I am also exploring graphic design through a Shaw Academy trial. Ideally, I would like to officially complete their introductory and advanced tracks. (I’m poking around at the Coursera specialization, too, for comparison. Opinions welcome!)

5) Networking, networking, networking! I’m in a number of Facebook groups to support my growth and my LinkedIn is updated. But there’s always room for more, so please do feel free to reach out.

6) Job hunting! I’m looking for a position that will allow me to put my existing skills to work, while also sharpening my new ones.

I would love to have some (more) support in reaching my goal (namely a job or paid internship, a Shaw Academy membership, and the Adobe Creative Suite), so if you have leads or are otherwise interested in helping, please contact me!

I also want to be able to support justice & movement work with my skills, which is where I began my pursuit of justice in the first place. I’ve got training and experience in community organizing, so I’m interested in supporting folks who are fighting to dismantle oppressive systems. My clinical training provides me a much-needed perspective on how to reach and work with marginalized folks that most macro social workers don’t have. I can’t be out in the streets like I used to but I’m ready to do more than signal boosting. (By the way, I firmly believe that signal boosting is an important contribution.)

In the meantime, check out what I’ve already done.

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