AMJ Is Hustling for Rent (and Other Bills)

UPDATE: I have enough for rent now! THANK YOU to everyone who signal boosted and/or provided support. I’ llbe able to negotiate pay dates for my utilities based on income from my temp gig, so whew! Also: I forgot to include in the original: I’m also signing up for Upwork, a freelancing site recommended to me by a classmate. #EveryDayImHustlin

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It’s been a while since I last posted. And yes, I’m still looking for full-time employment. In the meantime, I’ve been surviving off student loans, which cover about ⅔ of my rent, a very part-time work-study job, & driving for Lyft & Uber* off & on. Last quarter I was able to get an emergency loan from school since so many things had deteriorated all at once (the move went haywire + my wheelchair lift broke shortly thereafter, my service dog got sick…) But now, it’s the end of another quarter and I still don’t have a job, so I’m about $800 short on March rent at this moment. I also need to pay utilities. Rent is late after the 2nd, which means a $50 late fee. Eviction papers are filed on the 6th, which means extensive court fees + a record. Yes, I’ve been hustling (see below) but for those who want to know how to help

Hire me for:

  • Paper grading
  • Proofreading
  • Remote administrative tasks (e.g., online research, email drafting, report writing, etc.)
  • Transcription
  • Social media posting
  • Tarot readings (reopening shortly after I publish this post)
  • Take a look at my portfolio & pitch me another idea

Donate directly (also ways to submit payment for hiring me):

I’ll say THANK YOU IN ADVANCE here, for those who don’t want to read on. I did have a great job interview a couple of weeks ago *and* I’m still waiting to hear back from one other position that I know legally has to respond to me, so I’m hoping expecting this is the last time I have to worry about scrambling for rent. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or leads: amj @ amandamichellejones . com.

And because I know enquiring minds want to know…

Things I’m about to do:

  • Reopen readings with Brown Girl Tarot
    • NOTE: if you’re sitting on a gift certificate, I cannot access that money until you request your reading. *cough*
  • Become a temporary (4-6 weeks) content moderator for a social media platform
    • This will not pay in time to cover my rent
  • Potentially attempt to launch a Shopify site for drop-shipping
    • It takes time to make money via this avenue. It also takes money but I did a webinar that gets me 30 days free. I don’t have ad money, though.
  • Reach out to local social service agencies. Most of them require eviction proceedings to already be in place, though.

Things I’m currently doing:

  • My work-study job – max 10 hours/week (my hours up through 2/25 will pay out in time for rent)
  • Rideshare driving – despite what They™ advertised to the world, this is really isn’t a feasible way to make a living. I average about $10/hour, during surges & *before* factoring in gas. (Extreme weather does boost this, yes.)
    • I figured out months ago that this work is EXTREMELY draining for me, physically & spiritually. I can do about 4 hours -with breaks- before I start hurting. As I learned more recently, this is because I’m an empath (or as my future godbrother put it, “a sponge”). So I wear protective crystals while driving. They’ve all broken (they’re working hard!), though, so they’re not so effective any more. I’m also working on other methods of self-care, although I did let this happen… because income.
      Things I do for rent: drive strangers around even though "I've had a headache all night but now it's one of those that concentrates right over the left eyebrow. I gotta chill for tonight."

      • As a note: Yes, I *am* a social worker. But that actually energizes me, even though it takes a lot out of me. I’m also not continually schlepping random strangers to & fro in my personal vehicle as a social worker. Even when social work does involve transport It’s quite different from ridesharing.
      • *No, I did not #DeleteUber. I wanted to. But I need rent money & I ultimately decided that being able to survive is the best way that I can protest at this point.
    • Teaching for VIPKID – $9/class & I have no control over who signs up. I currently get 1-3 students/week & I’ve made $72 with them so far. My next payday is March 16th.

Things I’ve already done:

  • Applied for retail jobs (either I can’t physically do them or I didn’t receive a callback).
  • Expanded my job search.
  • Multiple interviews, several of which seemed promising until ableism reared its ugly head (or I just didn’t hear back).
    • I did just get two rejections last week, as well.
  • Postponed a very hard-to-get medical procedure so that I can spend the day earning money.
  • Passed the California Law & Ethics Exam so that I could remain eligible for jobs in my field.


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