Just Say #NO to #GradSchool?

I’ve been saying these things for the longest. However, having just completed my A.M.* & the coursework for my Ph.D., I feel even more emphatic about it. That said, I think the young lady I was speaking with this afternoon actually has some great ideas worth pursuing via academia. I still think it’s worth taking a year or two to further explore those ideas. Why? (1) She’s young, already has one graduate degree, and is unclear on what direction she wants to go. (2) Sooo many people are applying for PhDs these days, getting the extra experience will certainly bolster her application – ESPECIALLY if she gains the focus she seems to be lacking right now.

So please, enjoy the conversation & join in via the comments below. Also, if you are already in grad school or considering joining the brigade, check out my page of helpful resources.

*UChicago loves Latin. So our degrees look “backwards” from most other places. Means the same thing. Also, our A.M. in Social Work is like an MSW+. Read more here, if you want.

It all started with someone tweeting that she’s debating whether or not to PhD…


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