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I don’t have time to say much in this post, except to:

  1. Acknowledge that I still have not finished my post-surgery update. The storify I did has gotten incredibly jumbled and I really just don’t have time. But I like to cling to random things, so it sits, gathering e-dust.
  2. Give a heads up that I just might blank slate this blog. Clinging to things isn’t always a good idea and -while I appreciate myself for being honest in this space- I’m really not into the negative energy that resides here.
    • Sure, this is what I’m going through, and it would be nice to (eventually) be able to come back to when things weren’t the greatest & compare my growth. Alas, I get the feeling that this space may currently be doing more harm than good (on multiple levels).
  3. Celebrate the fact that I’m (finally) back in therapy! I’m still feeling out this new therapist, but I’m also reminding myself that it’s not her job to make me feel good but rather to challenge me to grow. Also: it’s only been one meeting, so I really can’t judge yet.
  4. Share that I’m also finally being very intentional about self-care. It’s been a very trying couple of years & I need release. My course schedule now includes a photography class!
    • BONUS: My field supervisor has been planning a photo project at the agency, so now I get to help out with that!
    • EXTRA BONUS: I might be able to employ what I learn in my research
  5. Express sincere gratitude to my field placement (especially my supervisor) for being very supportive in my learning. I fought hard to be able to have a second field placement (I wasn’t supposed to get one as part of my program) & I’m totally seeing the rewards of that tenacity.
    • They’re also eager to be part of my research! (I love it when a plan comes together)
  6. Shake my fists at the traffic gods. Long story short: a dude turned against traffic at a yellow light & T-boned me. I am now walking with a cane and still clueless as to how long it takes me to get around, lol!
  7. Announce my goals for this academic year:
    • Be patient and gentle with myself for once (and for all)
    • Finish all my PhD coursework requirements
    • Finish my A.M. (fancy Latin for Master of Arts – my uni’s MSW equivalent)
    • Establish a new research plan
      • I had to abandon my hopes of doing Photovoice since it’s not seen as scholarly research in my department.
    • Find a new dissertation chair (mine left for another university)
    • Make great use of therapy
    • Finally sort out my health issues
      • Rebalance my hormones (WHYYY is my hair falling out??? *weeps* #endoproblems)
      • Have surgery #3 next summer
      • Get back in the pool on a regular basis (and yes, mama j; I’ll see about lifting some weights)
    • [secret thing I can’t discuss here]

So that’s it. This is short for me, yes? Yes. Nod your heads. Fervently.

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