Can I Come Up for Air?

I have two draft posts hanging out in my WP dashboard. I started them ages ago. But school happened. And then surgery happened, followed by recovery. And then moving happened, which included all manners of FAIL: lackluster coordination, major appliances, and dangerous flooring. But I had to start my field placement and my research job. And then Group Work Camp happened (omg, it was AWESOME). And I wrote a terrible paper that I’m supposed to be rewriting at this moment, but I’m not because I can’t concentrate. For reasons that I can’t discuss at this point, except to tell you that my life is going to change DRASTICALLY in the not-so-distant future. I’m missing something… Oh yeah: I almost bled out on the operating table, so now I’m having to deal with medication & dietary changes, adding yet another doctor to my cadre of medical providers, and preparing for another trip to finish the surgery (READ: more fundraising is on the way).

Except I'm not crying. I don't have time for crying. Source: gifsforum

Haha, just kidding; I don’t have time for crying.
Source: gifsforum

I’ve been in my place over 3 weeks & haven’t even begun to unpack. So, while I highly desire to post my surgery update; it’s epic & needs a lot of attention, I will apparently not be doing so any time soon. I also won’t be working on that post I started for the Black Youth Project any time soon. This summer was supposed to be about tending to my health, my research goals, & just breathing a little. So far, I’ve gotten to none of that. (Well okay, that’s a lie. I scheduled an appointment with a hematologist. And I discovered an awesome group that is all participatory research everything. And I networked while at camp. And I had meetings about things. And I have been working on my research goals, although not in the way I thought I would be.)

Anyhoo, I figured I’d just post an update since it’s been forever. I’ll be back soon enough; meanwhile, enjoy some Amel Larrieux:

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