Stayin’ Alive… And Other Awesome Things

Hey, y’all, hey. Since I’m on a Twitter hiatus until school lets out (with a possible brief interruption for a musical celebration of my #WonderTwin32nd & BFF’s successful PhD defense), I figured I’d drop a brief (and early) blog-based ‘Hello!’

Ok so really, I just had a great meeting that I was totally nervous about but ended up being really cool and now I’m excited about things again. *deep breath* I should probably be emailing that person right now, but y’all know I’m a blubbering fool when I get excited (whether good or bad), so lemme just get this out. *another deep breath*

So that was awesome thing #1. This update will be a mix of academics & personal stuff, but I should be sending emails and grading papers, so enjoy the bullets!

  • The surgery fundraiser was more or less a success! We raised just under $3600, which is $2000 short of my goal. HOWEVER, thanks to my uncle unexpectedly emailing me from Afghanistan (!!!) with his frequent flyer miles & @Angie_Coiro offering up her place (also !!!), I’m only about $300 short. (LOOK AT GAWDT!!!) I’m gonna go ahead & have the surgery as planned, so if you or anyone you know is interested in helping, I’m accepting contributions via PayPal.
  • MY BEST FRIEND SUCCESSFULLY DEFENDED HER DISSERTATION YESTERDAY!!! Yeah, I know I mentioned that at the beginning of this post. It’s my blog and I’ll repeat if I want to. ^_^ Congratulations Amelia Zellander, PhD!!!
  • I think all that stuff about my prospective chair leaving & my needing to take a rest is shaping out just fine. I’ve not made the official proposal yet, but I’ve run it past a few key folks & they all support my plan.
    • I broke down & put in for some (more) loans so that I can spend time pondering the meaning of life my academic strategy & resting up. I’m just not gonna allow myself to think about my total loan balance right now.
  • I took on ENTIRELY TOO MUCH this quarter:
    • 4 classes: 2 MSW, 1 PhD, 1 independent study on political film theory (ok yes, still at the PhD level)
    • Getting my Emergency Medical Responder license (y’all, [insert helpful ritual] for me – I take my exams over the next two weeks)
    • Teaching Assistantship. For free. With no credit toward my required TAships. (I’m actually really grateful for this experience. The reasons deserve their own blog posts. But umm… students? You ain’t slick. Stop playin’.)
    • Surgery Fundraiser (I had NO IDEA it was going to take up so much of my time!)
    • Planning a move ([insert helpful ritual] for me on this, too, ‘cuz folks are playin’ games now)
    • I’m only behind in one class & not even by that much. (Prof is über understanding & it’s my fun class, so catching up will be a pleasure, even if slightly hectic.)
  • I’ve missed far fewer classes this quarter than in the first 2/3 of the year. The joys of getting hormonal birth control out of your system, y’all. Of course my estrogen level is at 0.7 (it should be like, 1.3-3.3) & my progesterone & testosterone are also low, so there’s all kinds of weird that comes along with… BUT I feel surprisingly human and that’s the first time I’ve felt that way since before my first ER trip in ’11!

Okay, my students have worked hard to get their stuff in on time and I’m not trynna be the one keeping people from graduating. See y’all in Summer! If it ever comes…

I don't understand things.

I don’t understand things.

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