Why I #RockTheRedPump 2013

Last year, I wrote about how I support the Red Pump Project because of my own history with unsafe sex. My story includes me getting caught up with a man who manipulated me with misogynist behaviour shrouded in the appearance of “empowerment” and treating me “like a lady”. Hmmm… that sounds familiar…


No country for Ch*yB, St*ve H*rv*y, T*ny G*sk*ns or anyone else telling women not to take precautions with our bodies!

I started writing this post specifically as part of the Stop Ch*yB campaign. Like @KimberlyNFoster said, “It’s important to name your adversary.” At the same time a) Ch*y loves the attention (hence my not spelling out his full name – yes, I know he’ll probably still find this) & b) he’s not the only one, by far. Now, I’ve never followed any of these “relationship coaches”, but I’ve had their nonsense retweeted into my timeline. Generally it goes something like,

@SoandSo: this makes no sense and is completely unsafe RT @AnotherSo_n_So: da f*ck? RT @SexistCoach: You’re a whore if [healthy/sex-positive/intellectual thing]. To get a man, you must [stupid/unsafe/patriarchal decision/action].

As of late, people have attempted to engage Ch*y B, specifically, because he is telling women that carrying condoms will turn away the “good man” of their dreams. *dora blink* Although different people have tried a variety of approaches, dude never responds to anyone except those promoting his nonsense. (Although you will see things like, “The guilty are always offended!” addressed to no one in particular. Yeah, that got RTed into my TL, too.) I tweeted Mr. B. with links to studies that show that women who leave safe sex practices up to men are more likely to have unprotected sex – including a study showing black women (his main audience) are at a higher risk. I got no response.*

Regardless of the source, any “advice” that disparages a woman for choosing to share her body with someone else and to share her body safely is not just suspect, it’s DEADLY.

I know it's not a pump, but it's slushy out there!

I know it’s not a pump, but it’s slushy out there!

So this year, I’m rocking the red in support of women making healthy, sex-positive choices for themselves and their partners. I’m rocking the red to take a stand against misogynist “relationship coaches” who are determined to strip women of our dignity when all we want is to have healthy, vibrant, fulfilling lives that -GASP- may just happen to include sex!

Why do you #RockTheRedPump?

*Well, unless following my main account, then following my secondary account, then googling me, finding my two semi-dormant accounts, and also following those as a response. Yeah, I already have one stalker, I don’t need Ch*y, too. For what it’s worth, the papers were short – each under 15 pgs including references, so if he had time to do all that research on *me*… O_o


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