So Much Awesome!

It’s been a busy couple of months!  Here are a few highlights

  • I tried some new reading & writing techniques and failed at them. Coming to terms with the fact that I just need to read pretty much everything. Interesting thing: as I do that, the reading seems to go a wee bit swifter.
  • I FINALLY HAVE AN ADVISOR!!! My committee is coming together: waiting to chat with my second person, & considering a third. I need my outside member, though; we’ll see how that goes over the next year.
  • I thought I would only need 3 more classes after this school year, but it turns out I’m missing 3 social science theory classes. Dagnabbit.
  • I’ve been brought back into the interview process for a position as a dorm leader.
  • Documentary Production is like, my favorite class, ever. Editing is so. much. fun!
  • As I write this, I’m fighting off exhaustion brought on by my work as a Deputy Volunteer Coordinator for the SSWR annual conference – THE place to be if you’re a social work nerd. The position is WAY busy & hectic, but I’m enjoying it. Many of y’all know how I thrive off interacting with people (most of the time). And this year’s volunteers are fantastic (if you’re reading this, THANK YOU!)
  • Mama J gave me a new computer when I went home to visit! I was struggling to keep my old MacBook until I finished, but as we discovered, that bad boy was on his way out. We just had to get everything replaced, except the hard drive & memory (those were upgraded a little over two years ago). Mama J is now trying to make use of it herself. Meanwhile, here I am…

There have been quite a few not-fun dramatics, but I’m all about the happy stuff for now. As much as I complain about this process, I can truly say I am glad I’m on the journey now. I’m collecting my mentors – official & informal – and really making advances in my program. Yes, I was seriously worried for quite a (few) while(s) there. As I understand it, this will likely happen again, lol. Until then, CELEBRATE!

Stay tuned for a couple of things:

  • An effort at writing academic posts. I write about my experience a lot (well, when I do write), but I’m not doing a good job of tracking my thought & learning journey. Feel free to challenge me on this!
  • Updated site design. I really do need a new logo/header arrangement, but we’ll see how that goes. But definitely be on the lookout for my CV, research interests, & an updated bio.
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