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Listen… I don’t know whether I’m coming or going. Two days ago, I was down in the dumps about my program and *this close* to walking away. Today, in this moment, I’m feeling rather contented. Of course, I also had my documentary production class today & that always makes me happy. It feels good to end the week on such a high note.

elementary stats - blumen

I should be reading this instead of blogging…

What also helps is that I found this AWESOME *FREE* STATISTICS BOOK on Scribd. I was googling for a clearer definition of margin of error & that book came up. The explanation was so awesome, I tried to download the book. Then Scribd was all, “Y U NO BUY SUBSCRIPSHUN? U no can haz book!” And I had teh sadz. Then Scribd sent me an email, “U CAN HAZ FREE WEEK SUBSCRIPSHUN!” So I downloaded the book & informed the classmate who never did get a tutor [insert remark of frustration and disappointment]. (And yes, I, too, was initially confused by the Osama & rose. Turns out Osama Tahir is the person who uploaded the book. I have no clue why the rose is there.)

So anyhoo, I said this earlier today:

I realized I’m not really interested in the swap (that comp exam is just… O_O. and starting over in classes? NAWL.) and I’m definitely not interested in re-applying to grad school. Also: I still want my social work training. I have my creative drive, but my mission in life is still to help people be great. If that isn’t social work, I dunno what is. I think I wanna forge something new: Documentary Social Work. I tried googling that, it doesn’t seem to exist as a thing, although I’m sure I’m not the only person to come up with such an idea. I do understand that it could seem redundant if not described properly. And now I’m wondering if I should make *that* my dissertation instead of trying to set up the first part of a multi-city social work study with an incredibly hard to reach population. I mean, I still want to do that, but maybe not right now… Okay, I’m thinking too much, I’m going to read now.

While I do that, besides Sundance, if you know where I can find funding or a list of resources for documentary work, please post in the comments!

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