Indecision… #acwrimo #nablopomo

So @thesiswhisperer is one of my favorite folks on twitter academia. Today, she featured a guest post that asks, “Should you quit your PhD?” As I’ve been hinting at, well, since forever, this question is almost constantly on my mind. (For those who are keeping track, today I have my doubts.) I poured my heart out in her comments & have decided that this will be my writing effort for the day. I thought about copy/pasting here, but I love boosting other people’s traffic, so here’s the link to my comments.

BTW, Since I skipped yesterday, I may write up the next part of my foray through R.O. Self’s book, but I’m apparently getting sick, so we’ll see how that turns out. And no, I’m not watching the election results tonight. I will be highly surprised if we end up with a decision tonight, given all the drama that has occurred over the past week (and months of voter suppression efforts). Besides, we won’t truly know until next month anyway. Fun & informative video for you :

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