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So I didn’t do any academic work today. I spent half the morning sleeping (and that extra hour was SOOOO helpful!); a couple hours revisiting my latest chart reading with my astrologer, Sam Reynolds; half the afternoon cleaning my kitchen; and the other half cooking. Then I talked to my mommy & then to my boyfriend. I feel fantastic. Tomorrow? Well, that may be a different story, but as the saying goes, “Today has its own problems; let tomorrow take care of itself.” Of course, it’s now 3:09am (as of this sentence) & I’m still up. I have the feeling tomorrowtoday won’t be doing much for itself, aside from a couple meetings. I do have a huge stats problem set, though, so caffeinated tea measures will likely be taken.

This poses a bigger question for which I do not have the time to explore: what is up with this ridiculous schedule in the PhD world? Like, why is it that we are so bombarded with readings, work, and other expectations that most of us tend to let personal things pile up until we can’t take it anymore? Or we just kinda take a look at the pile of work & say, “You know what? Fuck this today. That is all.” And (at least for me) why do we hold to the fantasy of having a ‘reasonable’ schedule? I know I can’t be the only person who’s constantly trying out some new scheduling tactic every few weeks.

I remember when I had my admissions interview, the professor asked me what I would do to maintain composure throughout the program. I told him that I am very much into self care. He turned right around and said, “Yes, that’s great. But what will you do when you don’t have time for self care?” I wish I could remember what I said.

gluten-free cornbread

I also wish I could make cornbread again.

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