I Wish…

that I had the time or at least the wherewithal to give y’all an update, alas…

Suffice it to know the following:

  • Summer was not what I planned, but it worked out (mostly) well, anyway.
  • Year Two is off to a rough start.
  • People suck ass.
    • Except helpful upperclassmen. They rock.
    • Also, my cohort. They rocked before the upperclassmen rocked.
  • I’m taking documentary production class. It is everything. I kinda want to be a film studies major instead. Of course, I haven’t done any actual filming yet, as of this post. But Final Cut Pro is a gift from Yahweh/Krishna/Allah, himself.
  • Speaking of computer things: mine is in a bad way, but I cna’t tend to it now. No, I don’t have a backup plan (long story). Yay!
  • I am questioning everything, but mostly whether or not I will continue this program.
    • I really just wanna grab my partner, enjoy music, travel the world, & make movies that lets people tell their stories. Oh wait, isn’t that what I said in the first damn place?
    • I don’t actually have time to give this any real consideration or planning, so I expect to be back here again come next term.

That is all (I have time for).

UPDATE: 11/1/12 – so I said this last night/this morning…

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