I’m Published!

It finally happened!

As many of you know, I worked on the first ever count of homeless youth in Washington, DC last year. Due to a long string of unfortunate incidents in the nonprofit world & DC politics, the report didn’t get published until after I started my PhD studies. Unfortunately, it didn’t have my name down as second author [insert long story here]. It took me a while to address the matter because I was busy dealing with starting a doctorate and trying to figure out why my body had declared mutiny.

Thanks again to the Dark Lord of DC & his team, the correction got delayed, THEN it took forever to reconnect with the graphic designer. But earlier in the month, we finally got the corrected report and it was uploaded to the DCAYA website last week! \o/ I am officially (independently) published! This is great not just for obvious reasons, but also because adding that disclaimer to my CV took up four lines of precious space!

Of course, since I’m no longer working for DCAYA, all inquiries should go to my co-author and now Executive Director, Maggie Riden. You can email her at maggie(at)dc-aya(dot)org.

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