Let’s Send Chelsea to College!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Chelsea has a message for you all.

I would like to say thank you to all of you who helped me with a new

beginning to something so beautiful. I really appreicate every penny that

you gave it means so much to me that i can go farther in life and not

let nothing get in my way.This is a new beginning and will continue on

for the next four years because of people like you all. Thank you so


*struggles not to cry again*



I can’t thank everyone enough for all your help. I put up this post at 2:57pm. By 6pm we had $35. By 6:27pm, Chelsea had all the money she needed – WITH enough to cover the PayPal transaction fees that I forgot to include in the request. THIS is the power of community. Y’all showed up & showed out.

Hi Fam!

My mentee protégé (‘cuz mentee really is not a word), Chelsea, is goin’ to college (PRAISE THE LORD!!!). She plans to attend a small community/technical college in West Virginia. She is required to live on campus, but does not have the money for her deposit.

I asked Chelsea to write a couple of paragraphs for y’all. Here’s what she had to say:

     Hello I am Chelsea and here is a brief summary about what my life has been like and why I want to attend college and the reason for going.

Growing up in the southeast quadrant of Washington DC, an area notorious for drugs and violence. The drugs and violence that I have seen since living in Southeast has made a dramatic turn on my life. The first time I seen somebody doing drugs it was a young teen. The smell and the way that she acted was unbelievable. She was doing things that she never do its like she was a different person. When I saw that I knew that I had to go and change my life instead of staying here and turning out like how she was. I asked her why do she do drugs she says “It’s just something to do.” Then I asked about her two kids and she acted as though she didn’t have any kids. This young teen was 17 with no high school diploma nothing to show what she have been doing with her life. That’s when I knew I had to finish high school and then go on to college because I didn’t want to turn out like her. I took it upon myself to start my own college search.

The college that I will be attending is Pierpont Community Technical College, which is located in West Virginia. I am going to Pierpont to pursue my dream in Criminal Justice. The reason for me wanting to go to Pierpont is so that I can be surrounded by different minorities and not be around the drugs and violence that I am used to. I want to make a difference in myself and my community. I also wanted to go to West Virginia is because I don’t want to be in DC, if I stay here in DC then I wouldn’t be getting no work done and I wouldn’t be focused on what is going on. I always wanted to be in the field of law so I decided Criminal Justice would be the best because I can always go back to my community and help the children and adults to better understand the way that drugs and violence affect their bodies and brain. My dreams are to go to Pierpont Community College so that I can become a detective and my dreams will come that I always wanted to do.

Chelsea has a PayPal account, but will need to transfer the money to her bank, so we need the money deposited before 1:30pm EDT on June 25th so that she can transfer the funds in time to hand-deliver the deposit at her school on June 29th. (FYI: ChipIn is a division of PayPal. Your contributions are protected under all the same regulations as any other PayPal transaction. Your contribution options are also the same as with any other PayPal transaction.)

For some reason the ChipIn widget isn’t loading, so please click this link. And if that doesn’t work, you can go directly to Chelsea’s PayPal.

UPDATE/CLARIFICATION: Chelsea has financial aid for school. However, that does not get disbursed until she actually starts; she has to get there first! Deposits are the student’s responsibility. So grateful to the folks who’ve contributed already!

Thank You!

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