#Newmom Needs Our Help

So a few months ago, I wrote about a pregnant young lady at my field placement who was helping me with a project. Well now, she’s a #newmom & trying to get life going with her new family. Her twins? ADORABLE!!!  Seeing her with the two of them? *ovary dance* I can’t share all the details because of confidentiality, but here are the critical issues…

Newmom was in college before the babies were born. She’s taking the semester off to get settled. The place where she’s staying right now has a cat, but I’m allergic, so I can’t do home visits. We’ve got to be able to get out of the house to do our work and just so the babies get to experience the open air! Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a stroller & the program where I intern can only cover $75. We tried the donation route, but ended up with something so rusted the removable front wheel won’t come off! (-_______-)

I did some digging on Craig’s List & found a couple of prospective strollers, but then I got to realizing I didn’t really know what I was looking for. And then I remembered what the intern group leader said: be careful of getting used strollers & cribs; safety standards change and you don’t know how well people took care of things! Since newmom has enough going on already, I wanted to buy something that I could be sure would last her for the next several years. She’s gonna be on public transit, schlepping about the city to various mandatory appointments, etc. A used stroller #mightdontmakeit through such heavy usage over the long haul.

So here’s the deal:

Newmom needs a stroller that:

  • Will accept two Safety 1st brand car seats
  • Is a front-to-back tandem (rather than side-by-side), so she can maneuver the bus/train more easily
  • Is as lightweight as we can reasonably get (but listen, those $600 strollers? O_o I mean… if you really wanna buy her one, go ahead! ^_^)

For the moment, We’re looking at these (but if you know of something else please let me know!):

(We’re most likely gonna go find these in-store somewhere, but if not, Amazon is the spot!)

Thanks to The Mommy Cycle for sharing the heads up about Babies “R” Us’ big trade-in happening for the next week! (By the way, please click the link, watch Alexa’s video & support her project. I think she’s got a great idea that would be very helpful for a lot of parents AND the environment!) Sadly, B”R”U doesn’t have any strollers that will accept the car seats we have, but I think we may take in the rustbucket and get one of these covers for $13 with the special:


Since I’m trying to protect my safety from #stalkerex, I’m not gonna publicize the agency’s donation link or my internship email outright. I do want newmom to get her stroller ASAPtually, so please email me if you’re able to help & I’ll send you the link to the agency’s donation page privately. All contributions are tax-deductible.

Thanks for reading & much advanced appreciation for your help!

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