Shufflin’ Around…

Happy New Year, Gang!

I have lots to write about right now, but other things are taking precedence. Also, I’m updating the blog bit-by-bit as I take inventory of what I discuss here. Here’s the skinny on what’s new (or about to be new):

  • I finally posted my “Hire Me” page. I am terrible at self-promotion (I know, I know…). Please check out what my company, 3 Degree Union, has to offer.
  • In the spirit of being helpful, I posted a “Helpful Resources” page that highlights a few things I’m using along this academic journey.
  • Radical Social Work in Action is my newest tumblog. It highlights ways that people are awesome toward each other. As soon as I get another few minutes, I’ll have it auto-populate into this blog.
  • Recreation & Diversion is a tumblog where I get away from academia & the things that impact my journey. In other words, there will be some ratchetness, but there will also be concert recaps, inspirational quotes, pictures of gorgeous folks, and things of that nature.
  • I’ve updated the Navigation Guide to point out what’s happening, so feel free to check that out, too!

And because I know myself, I’ll go ahead & share the good news now:

I am still battling the whole “my doctor refuses to listen to me” drama, so I hope to join the folks at so that I can share my story and fight for better patient treatment. But yeah, there likely won’t be much of that until after coursework is over.


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