Realizations ~n~ Thangs…

so the past few weeks have basically been entirely too much. between considering major life choices (two of ’em) and learning that i have an as-yet-undefined condition that could possibly negate the decisions i make in the first place, and finals, i’m spent (but still have a lot more left to do).
  • when i was in high school, i discovered that some genius-whose-name-i-can’t-remember said, “i love learning; i just hate school.” this has been my mantra ever since.
    • i’ve determined that, if i want to be able to take in the volume of learning i’m most interested in consuming right now, i have to deal with school and all its horrors. ok, fine. i still reserve the right to bitch about it and wonder if i’ve my sensibilities from time-to-time.
  • it’s not really that i don’t want kids – i will be raising some child(ren) at some point in my life.
    • it’s that i’d rather do what i wanna do until i’m interested in & ready to take on that responsibility. based on where i am right now (impoverished, in school, and desperately in need of frolicking), that will not happen during my child-bearing years. i still want to adopt, so it’s all good & well if that is my “only” parenting legacy. actually, i’m kind of more excited about doing that than enduring the torture of bodily mutations and that sleepless period of baby’s complete dependence. (they’re all cute & munchable until you have to change ’em in the middle of the night.)
  • i recall that i said i was going to quit planning things any further than six months out. i need to stick to that, ‘cuz all this other “planning life” stuff is for the birds.

so yeah, i have papers to write. *waves*

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