You Say Tomato; I Say… Pomodoro #phdorbust #phdchat

so i have problems with staying focused. i fully own this, although i like to ignore it & think i’m big enough to conquer it.

enough with the bullshit.

last year, i learned about the pomodoro method. it changed my academic life. and then i forgot about it. oh…

(  ._.)

now, had i kept it up (read: also implemented it in other parts of my life. also read: stopped trynna be all cavalier.), i would have started  the school year off this way. but i didn’t.

thankfully, i have a wonderful partner in my life who has no qualms about keeping me in check. he expressed concern about how i stress myself out for what seems like no reason, and suggested i plan structured breaks during my work time. and then an alert went off!



source: android guys

so here i am, making all sorts of headway tonight & i’m proud! (of course, writing this blog post is kind of undoing that…) at any rate, in less than 25 minutes from the time of this writing (not posting time), i will have made it through two articles tonight (a record for me so far in this program – shit is DENSE). i’m sort of sad i spent the first month panicking about how to get everything done, but such is life. i’m glad i figured things out now, as opposed to halfway through my degrees. YAY, progress!  ^_^

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