Rest In Peace #SteveJobs: Thanks for Lending Yourself to Us

so this happened:

for whatever reason, i felt moved to send my condolences to the family, so i sent this email:

man… i am all apple everything. i own a macbook, TWO iphones, an ipod classic, an ipad2, bluetooth keyboard, AND an airport extreme. i took pictures of the “unveiling” of my macbook, and decorated him with this funky squirrel snackin’ on the logo:

and i know my story is TAME, compared to the other apple geeks of the world. (one day, i will be awesome and i will establish a research & training institute run completely off of apple products.)

hearing of steve’s passing brings me both great sadness and great joy. the world has truly lost a genius, but his spirit can finally be free of the pain his body was going through. for this, i am joyful.

to his family, business and blood, i send my utmost thanks for letting us borrow steve and for supporting him in his dream.



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yeah… i haz a sad. but steve jobs’ innovative genius got me through one graduate degree & i’ll be damned if it doesn’t let me get through two more. job well done, steve, rest in peace.

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