#confession: i think social work has a horrible past (present)

as i read about the history of social work (namely, james leiby’s 1978 history of social welfare and social work), i am having a very hard time being accepting of the way things were done. while i recognize that this is me taking for granted what is considered “common sense” these days, i still find it hard to accept many of the ideas (e.g. social darwinism, denying assistance to people just because they’re not from the neighborhood, the criminalization of poverty, etc.) that were commonplace during times such as the 17th-19th centuries. and then i remember: many people still believe a lot of this stuff today. case in point: the tea party.

but i REALLY don’t know what to do with stuff like this:

and i thought human auctions were just about race...

i mean, i’m glad we’ve “officially” moved beyond this as a body of social workers, but damn…

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