Update on the #DCYouthCount & #Nephew

We have prelim results!!!

We’re also very proud to have been selected to participate in the Conference on Emerging Adulthood! I’m not sure how this will work out with my semester schedule & finances yet, but it looks like Maggie & I are…

Y’all may or may not know this, but Jeffrey Jenson Arnett is one of my heroes. I have some issues with the lack of diversity in his studies, but that’s just the field of psychology in general. I did read a great article last year that let me know he’s been workin’ on it! (I also happened to find this one just a few minutes ago on identity & agency that looks promising.)

And finally, Nephew* was selected for the Public Allies Program! He will begin his appointment in the fall & we’re sooo excited!!!

So lots of great things have been happening this month! And, as of today, there are only 40 days left until I drive off to begin my new life in Chicago. I’m definitely getting nervous now, but I’m glad to have a few friends already there waiting for me.

(_\_) (_|_) (_/_)

*Yes, I realize I need to formally introduce y’all. No, he’s not technically my nephew.

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