So today is my 30th birthday.

I could blab on about how GLAD I am to be done with my 20s, but I think I’d rather focus on celebrating my entry into the next decade. I will say this: the 20s are overrated. Growing up is kind of awesome. And no, 30 is NOT the new 20. 20 is 20 and 30 is 30. Let us not forget that.

So anyhoo, some folks have been wondering what my plans are to celebrate. I’ve been lowkey celebrating since year 29, but I’m trying to do it up big at least for the summer. As you know, I leave DC in a matter of weeks (okay 47 days) to start my PhD, so I’m trying to hang with my DMV folks before I go. Here’s a list of what I’ve got going on (so far). Stay tuned to the comments for updates (and please feel free to add suggestions). And if you’re coming, please let me know (even if we haven’t yet met IRL)!

  • 6/10:
    • Wearing a tiara. All day.
    • There are 3 birthdays this weekend within my office (including nephew <~ turning 25!) We’re going out to lunch. It will be awesome.
    • I told Beny Blaq that I’d stop through #TheParkUnplugged to see Melanie Fiona. It’s free. But most of y’all know, I can’t generally hang around The Park for too long… Besides, a friend is having a picnic to celebrate her birthday (which is tomorrow). I’m also thinking about hitting my fave DC spot, Busboys & Poets for some slam poetry.
  • 6/11: Mint Condition at the Carter Barron. ‘Nuff said.
  • 6/12-14:
  • 6/15: [insert activity here] ummm… this needs to be free. or paid for.
  • 6/16: Hangin’ with Erin-Lee at theA Belle in Brooklyn book release
    • Hopefully seeing Me’Shell N’degeocello perform for the first time at her Prince tribute show (yo, if somebody wants to get me tickets…)
  • 6/17: Basseyworld Live 2011 (gitchu a ticket!)
  • 6/17-19: The West Oak Lane Jazz Festival is this weekend. I’m not sure whether I’ll have the funds to go, but it’d be nice. Y’know, since I’ve never been. Despite having lived in Philly for six years.
  • 6/20-21: [insert activities here] these also need to be free or paid for.
  • 6/22: Tau Upsilon Alpha Honor Society induction (FINALLY).
  • 6/23: Yeah… hell if I know.
  • 6/24: Summer Soul Vol 2 with @happyblackwoman, @chasingsoul, @msrasberryinc, & @vivrant_thang (I’m pretty sure there will be other folks here; we should make this some sort of mega gathering).
  • 6/25-7/12: Completely open as of yet. This needs to change.
    • Apparently Talib & Goapele are performing at The Park Unplugged!!! Talib is 7/1 & Goapele is 7/8.
  • 7/13-15: National Conference on Ending Homelessness.
  • 7/16-23: I want my farewell tequila tweetup to happen at some point during this time
  • 7/24-26: I’ll be retreating to put the finishing touches on my move. And Mama J comes back!
  • 7/27: So long, DC!
  • 7/28: Hellooooooo Chicago!
  • 7/29-8/6: Mama J & I will be setting up my place for academic excellence and 30 year old sexiness.
  • 8/7-9/19: It will be up to my Chicago folks to break me in.
    • There will be a welcome tweetup and Tea with Rae in the mix, dates/times TBD.
    • I will also be doing mundane things like registering my car, getting my tetanus shot, and whatnot. I think I’ll do those things alone.
  • 9/20+: My career as a PhD student officially begins. I really don’t think y’all will see much of me starting this day, so get in where you fit in! (I’ll still be posting, of course, but my tweets and fb posts will decrease drastically. I also don’t expect to be seen flitting about in public very much.)

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