BONUS POST: Legendary – Rest In Power Gil Scott-Heron

Gil Scott-Heron passed into the heavens today. As with so many other “reports” of celebrity deaths on Twitter, I refused to believe it at first. Then NPR posted this: 

And so it is.

I’ll admit: I know little of GSH, except that he taught us The Revolution Will Not Be Televised, but they’ll tell us all about Whitey On The Moon. Home Is Where the Hatred Is, after all. As I told a friend, I hadn’t even heard his name until I was at least halfway through with college. But I am moved, nonetheless.

I had hoped to see brotha Gil perform one day. Little did I know he struggled with various afflictions. Of course, this is to be expected of such genius. Gifts do not come without trial. Indeed, it is the struggle that makes the gift worthwhile in the first place. In reflecting on the transition of this legend realized something: I have plenty of struggle; it’s time for me to live out my gifting. As I told the interwebs, 

And so you have it. We must all be legends. If we don’t step up to the plate, who will our children look up to? My twentor, Samuel F. Reynolds, already told us that it’s time for this generation to rise up. I already told y’all what part of my legacy will be (but that whole family bit is whatever). Tonight, I figured out what the last missing piece is: I need to figure out a plan to become a licensed/ordained interfaith minister & astrologer. (Y’all know I do THE most…)

My life’s destiny is to bring healing to people, starting with the youth that people have written off. I will help communities heal through understanding, empowerment, and unifying people to ensure the safety and success of those who are most vulnerable. It is only right.

So I ask: what is YOUR legacy? How will you fill our legends’ shoes? Answer in the comments and let’s get to work.

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