Wish List

So I have a lot going on in 2011.  A. Lot.

  • graduating from my master’s program
  • turning 30
  • publishing the strategic plan to end & prevent youth homelessness in DC
  • moving to a new city
  • starting a PhD program

All of these things are amazing and awesome and just super great.  I’m very excited about the upcoming events and am beside myself with giddiness.  Of course, this calls for celebrations.  Here is what I’d like:

  1. A super-awesome party. As I mentioned a few weeks ago:

    My graduation is May 15th, birthday is June 10th, strat plan publishes early/mid-July, moving at the end of July. Pick a date. Here is the list of artists I want to have perform (I know, 10 people is a lot… Mama Stef *has* to be there. I guess I’ll be flexible on the rest.  If I hafta. I’m all for a “revue” format that has people perform for about 15 mins each.  That’s a good 5 hours of sangin’, playin’, & ass shakin’. Better than the club, I say!)

    1. Stephanie Renée
    2. The Foreign Exchange
    3. Teedra Moses
    4. Jesse Boykins III
    5. V. Rich
    6. N’dambi
    7. Kindred the Family Soul
    8. Liv Warfield
    9. Nakia Henry
  2. DJ Stylus (for between artists & the pre/post dance portions, of course)

    I guess I’ll admit now that I wanna hop on the stage & sing w/ somebody from this lineup.  Just sayin’…
    Also: Much love to the rest of my performing artist friends; I had to narrow things down & these are (some of) the folks who’ve been speaking to my soul as I’ve grown these last few years of my 20s.  Also, it’s kinda hard to dance to poetry.  But I’m not at all opposed to poetic interludes.

    1. An iPad. Even though I like that nifty magnetic cover on the iPad2, mine doesn’t need to be the new one; definitely not on AT&T, though.  I just want to be able to get online, pull articles (mostly .pdf files), read & annotate them, and shoot an email or tweet here & there.  I would do this with my laptop when I’m on the go, but a) whipping out a laptop on a crowded train really doesn’t work well (I’ve tried it before; es no bueno) & b) my laptop is really too heavy to schlep around everywhere.  Sometimes you’re just running an errand & wanna make use of down time.  I love my Macbook, but it’s a bit much for that.  Besides, you can’t whip out a laptop & read if you’re standing on the train.
    2. Dragon. I have carpal tunnel syndrome.  In both wrists.  I’m really not interested in typing anything else of substance.  My chiropractor fully supports my use of Dragon.  Apparently there is also an iPad app ::hint, hint::
    3. The APA Style Manual. I haven’t purchased this yet because the work I’ve been doing in my Master’s program hasn’t required the specific nuances that I can’t find on the Purdue English website (awesome resource, btw).  That changes with the dissertation.

    So there you have it.  A mere four requests, spanning the range of cost & involvement, all having a great impact on my life.  And I know you want to make a great impact on my life.  Coordinate amongst yourselves.  🙂 (Remember: I do get an education discount…)

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