Another Round (of Changes)

If you’re already familiar with my site, you may have noticed that almost all of my blog posts are gone. I didn’t blank slate but I did unpublish most things. Some stuff will come back over time, it’s just that I started this blog in December 2008 & a lot has happened in 10 years. I’m slowly going through to decide what makes sense to keep public-facing, as I move forward.

It’s likely gonna be a while before you start to see anything new, though. Suffice it to say I’m focusing my time & effort on the following things (in no particular order):

  • My health & wellbeing
  • Becoming AMJ, PhD, LCSW
    • I need licensure hours, so if you’ve got/know of a part-time social worker position, please reach out! I can’t legally offer therapy yet but I was encouraged by an established clinician to set up a website for my private practice while I search for a supervisor.
    • Note: I’m supposed to be documenting my research via this blog, so stay tuned!
  • Re-launching Brown Girl Tarot readings + some new offerings

So thanks for checking in!

That Time I Ranted About Children on Social Media

I currently work as a content moderator for a social media platform.* In short, my job is to remove content (and users) that violates our terms of service. It is incredibly draining work. I may not technically be working as a social worker, but lemme tell you: I’m so glad that I have this MSW….

#SocialWork Career Tips, FTW!

  So, there I was, doing my morning Twitter scrolling, when I came across Dorlee Michaeli’s post on career tips. As most of you know, I’m currently on the job market, since my PhD funding is no more.* I figured it’d be a great idea to read up on what folks are advising for new…

Something, Something, Fear… Blah, Blah, Prince…

NOTE: This post has been sitting in my drafts, unfinished since I started it on April 27th. Yay, fear! Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, when I should have been reading a book for a discussion I’m co-facilitating this Thursday or at least readying myself for bed, I saw Darren Rowse had tweeted a blog post on dealing with…

That Time I Learned How to Conduct Better Lit Review Searches…

As one of the conditions of the 5-year PhD fellowship I received upon acceptance to my program, I have to complete two years of research assistantships (and then teach or TA three classes). Of course, my life being my life, I’m a bit out of order and am working off my last RA this year….

5 Steps to Getting an Associate Clinical Social Work License* in California

This post is written for people at least somewhat familiar with social work training and education. Thus, some terms & acronyms (e.g., ‘supervision’) are used without explanation. *Upon receiving my actual paperwork, I learned that the Associate Clinical Social Work (ASW) credintial “IS NOT A LICENSE, IT IS A REGISTRATION.”  This makes it clear that…

On Finding #JOMO…

So I have fallen behind in #CuriousColab, I naturally also fell into pondering about how community and university partners navigate different scheduling arrangements and priorities…

Reflections on Community

A couple of heartwarming stories from a couple of youth workers who ‘ran into’ young people we’ve worked with over the years. People often note on how ‘thankless’ this work is. We like to celebrate the moments when we’re granted immeasurable satisfaction – and how those moments impact others.

#SelfCare in the Midst of Protest, Trauma, & Other Stress

I’ve been meaning to pull together something like this since supporting a couple of protesters via phone a few months ago. These tips work for anyone who’s experienced trauma (or even is just stressed out, generally).