Both/And: Career Musings

The Universe Got Jokes (for My Career)

Source: Larkin & Larkin (I don’t know these people; I just like the pic.)

Suffice it to say, it’s been an interesting couple of months. I made a bunch of end-of-year investments in professional development training for my career switch, only to get an unexpected invite to interview for an AMAZING clinical position. When I say unexpected, I mean that my application had expired months before I got the call. And yes, I know I said I was leaving social work but the Universe got jokes. On the daily. So many jokes, in fact, that I am also currently in the middle of interviewing for a newly-created (read: still-in-development-and-I’d-get-to-lay-the-groundwork) Social Media Director position with a FANTASTIC startup.

Oh yeah, I also just managed to redesign my dissertation research plans & write a new proposal over the course of four days. (Okay, to be fair: I was able to reuse a bunch of my old proposal & much of the redesign was about stripping the project down but I’m still celebrating the feat.) And two days later, I was invited to learn more about a part-time clinical position which might end up a great supplement to the social media position, should that come through. We won’t talk about this weekend’s realization of how I can also generate income via [redacted to protect my intellectual property]. Multiple streams of income. I hear that’s where it’s at.

When I got the interview for the social work position, I shared my sentiments with friends. One of them asked me, “Why can’t you do both?” And yeah, I mean, obvs. But the further along I get, the more I realize how much everything really is sorting itself out. At this point, I have no idea how things are gonna go in any direction, but for once I’m not 10000% worried. It’s kind of an amazing place to be.

Friday, I was thinking about Derek Siver’s HELL YEAH! or no principle. (Tl;dr – if you can’t say “HELL YEAH!” to an opportunity, you owe it to yourself to say, “no.” And yes, capitalization matters here.) I realized I don’t have enough Hell Yeah!s in my life. I think having these (potential) options is the Universe’s way of making me think in terms of HELL YEAH! vs. no when it really counts. I think my HELL YEAH! will be some combination of opportunities that allows me the Both/And career trajectory that is clearly in my heart.

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