Birthdays Are Hard #WonderTwin36th

Today I turned 36. At 9:51am Eastern, to be exact. I couldn’t wind down last night so I was up until 5:30am. I awoke around 9am to watch a webinar, then went back to sleep until Dilla woke me up around 2pm. I remembered I needed to get to the post office, so I brushed my teeth, then threw on a maxi dress, my birthday tiara, & some hoops. I let Dilla do his dooty (*giggles* dooty), then we rushed to the post office.

We took our time heading back home. I stopped to take pics of a house I saw for sale (a girl can dream, can’t she? And Dilla liked it enough to poop in the yard.). I also stopped for tacos. Because I at least deserve tacos on my birthday. Everybody deserves tacos on their birthday.

Last night, I was pining over how my circumstances continue to be ungood:

A fb friend asked me to share a few things I need. Then someone else asked. And then another… And then… So I decided to make this post. Thank you in advance to anyone who feels like supporting, in whatever way that works for you.

  • The biggest thing I need right now is rent money. I’ve been SUPER fortunate to have a very accommodating temporary job for the past few months. It has allowed me to supplement my Spring Quarter student loans while also tending to the bajillion medical appointments I needed to have done. But the gig is ending next month. I’m working on pulling some other things together (more job apps; starting writing services: editing, coaching, & transcription) but I also have to finish and submit an academic paper, as well as wrap up one more class that’s been incomplete since I got injured.
    • I have Square Cash & PayPal. If you bank with USAA, you can transfer funds using my email: amj (at) amandamichellejones (dot) com. That’s also the same email for Square Cash & PayPal.
  • Some folks asked for my Amazon wish list. I have several:
  •  I also started an organization called Brown Girl Tarot. It has a 3-fold mission:
    • Provide tarot reading services (yes, you can order a reading from me)
    • Build community for tarot readers of color
    • Maintain a library of tarot decks including, but especially featuring and/or created by, people of color
      • Brown Girl Tarot also has wish lists on Amazon and ebay. (Note: there is some overlap.)
      • If you would like to contribute a deck via other means, the mailing address is:
        265 S Western Ave, Unit #74005, Los Angeles, CA 90004
        Please give me a heads up at bgt (at) amandamichellejones (dot) com so that I’ll know to go check the box.
    • I currently spend about 10-15 hours/week working on deck research, Facebook group management, & other administrative details. If you would like to support this work, you can send funds via Square Cash or PayPal. I’m still thinking through Patreon rewards that won’t be too burdensome.
  • I also need a wheelchair van, so if you’ve got an extra $40-$60K lying around, hit me up!

In more uplifting news, I bought a Groupon for a massage months ago, so I’m gonna get some knots worked out tonight. Woohoo!

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