Changes Are Afoot: 2018 Site Updates

The past two years have been quite the whirlwind. That said, I have gained –and am still gaining– new perspective and motivation to move forward. That will be reflected via site updates throughout 2018 (you may have already noticed the new header). Since I’m making a return to social media, marketing, & graphic design, I need to make sure my online presence shows that I actually do know a bit about the work.

I’m still working on my PhD, while holding down a full-time job, maintaining a tarot business, and refreshing skills for my career transition, so the changes will be slow. Just know that if you do swing back by and notice something is either missing or not where it used to be, it’s all due to the glow up.

It’s been a while since my last update, so for those who care:

I have decided that I’m going to spend the rest of 2017 trying to be gentle with myself and submit another round of edits to my dissertation proposal. That’s plenty to do in just one week.

See y’all in 2018!

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